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Drmedilife.com offers provides you Online prescription for your consultation requirements in most treatment branches such as allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, wellness, unani etc. This is a comprehensive medical consultation platform and it could be easily accessed and employed for all primary consultation, second opinion and also for the follow-up consultations. It is possible to consult almost all the specialty doctors through this platform quickly with the use of your gadgets from anywhere in the world.

Medilife Healthcare group is among the leading healthcare companies on the planet with a network of clinics, pharmacies, homecare, telemedicine, online pharmacy and medical tourism. We concentrate on our community's ever-growing needs and use our partners, to supply quality products. You can access this platform everywhere you look in the world and you may also select the doctors for consultation depending on your requirement and after reviewing the profile from the doctors you will consult online. Our platform has included all the details required to perform a small profile review and understand concerning the doctor as well as the most attractive feature of the platform is you can select the doctors depending on your language preference.

Drmedilife.com allows you to choose doctors based on your requirement and preference in a very simple and convenient way by making it possible to choose and select as per the doctor’s specialty, nationality, language and experience. Download our app and register your profile with the required details to start consulting doctors easily.

All of us is continuously working towards improving the service quality and this platform will show you to select the doctors and simply a single click you have is also able to providing you with an additional opinion of the health condition from internationally accepted physicians.

Medilife telemedicine wing is making an effort to change the original direct consultation methods through it to the digital platform having a completely new experience through ensuring online option of all specialty doctors for primary, secondary and expert opinions. Before empanelling doctors towards the list to have an online panel, a group of experts evaluate the doctor’s profile to make certain their qualification and experience to provide you with excellent consultation experiences.