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It would be difficult to debate that choosing skirting board is easily the most exciting part of putting together an inside design scheme, but it's nevertheless important. It's details like these that make everything come together harmoniously. Not only must are put complement the look aesthetically but they also need to tick the required practicality boxes. These were originally designed to hide the visible difference between the wall as well as the floor and protect the wall from feet, furniture, vacuums and floor polish. With wooden floors a skirting board is absolutely essential because of the natural movement, expansion and contraction on the flooring. In older properties where embedding pipes and cables into the wall isn't a choice they also give you a way to hide these unsightly necessities. In new builds it is becoming more and more popular to put electrical cables and pipework to the skirting boards anyway, simply to provide easy access.

Today skirting boards have grown to be more than just an operating feature. They now include a wide variety of mouldings are available in a number of materials. Unsurprisingly wooden skirting remains t most favored. There's obviously an impressive selection within the wooden category. Different types of wood, different finishes, painted or not are just a few of the options it is possible to chose from. Mouldings are becoming increasingly less popular and so are only really recommended if you are going for a very traditional look. But mouldings can provide this often overlooked feature some real character.

Another part of your skirting board that you will need to decide upon is the height. The very first thing you must ensure is always that there is consistency through the property, varying heights look very strange. If you're redoing the complete house's skirting or creating a new property then the height from the walls needs to be the number one consideration - the greater the walls, the larger the boards. Do not forget about radiators (buying skirting board that doesn't fit beneath the piping is really a costly mistake!)

If you have skirting in your property that you will like and would like to put in another room but cannot find them anywhere don't be concerned, a quality joiner will be able to replicate that which you are after. One of the best pieces of advice we are able to give is to locate pictures online of a complete interior design scheme that you like and have a critical look at the skirting board. Consider - would the project well during my property? This is much better than finding a skirting board which you like the look of and trying to make it are employed in your house's home design.