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Every day I hear people mumble about the various owners and saying 'I could do that' or 'What a simple job,' but how many have actually seen how an e-casino works? I'm fortunate enough to have had the benefit to possess worked either side and can assure you - things aren't as 'glitzy and glamorous' on the reverse side.

Take recent events for example - the web Gambling market recently taken a turn for that worse with several big country markets legislating and others like the US threatening to jail anyone going near it. When investing in a country for years and have huge player databases that suddenly become worthless - making you lose countless pounds in revenue and half your employees base ... well I do not envy that guy. Sure you could make Free Online Casino games to play in the hope that the market might open again in the future but let's not pretend - it is a pretty fickle game to try.

Alright, Perhaps that doesn't seem such a bad thing if you are sitting on your private jet surrounded by beautiful women but there are a lot more complications for the job. Creating an Online Casino can cost you over 1,000,000 to get it done properly - considering advertising, licences, software, email solutions, staff, SEO, retention teams, designers, country managers plus more. Then you have the additional problems that arise -

Who manages your database? - If you pick the wrong person and so they walk with it ... you are screwed.

Who looks after your email sending? - Again, find the wrong person and they walk served by it.

Who your direct mail sending? - Traversing to a pattern here?

All in all - the concept of the Online Casino owner as well as that of the disposable Online Casino owner isn't as great as many think - but for anyone trying to take a crack advertising online - If only you the best of luck and don't forget - there's a reason why so many of the owners are bald by the time they're 40 so start shopping for wigs now...