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Every day I hear people mumble about the various owners and saying 'I could do that' or 'What an easy job,' but wait, how many have actually seen how an internet casino works? I'm fortunate enough to experienced the benefit to have worked both sides and can assure you - things aren't as 'glitzy and glamorous' on the reverse side.

Take recent events as an example - the Online Gambling market has just taken a turn for your worse with several big country markets legislating yet others like the US threatening to jail anyone going near it. When you buy a country for years and have huge player databases that suddenly become worthless - causing you to lose millions of pounds in revenue and half your team base ... well I do not envy that guy. Sure you can create Free Online Casino games to play in the hope how the market might open again later on but let's not pretend - it's really a pretty fickle game to try.

Alright, I guess that doesn't seem this type of bad thing when you are sitting on your private jet surrounded by beautiful women but there are a lot more complications towards the job. Setting up an Online Casino can cost you over 1,000,000 to make it happen properly - taking into consideration advertising, licences, software, email solutions, staff, SEO, retention teams, designers, country managers and much more. Then you have the added problems that arise -

Who manages your database? - In the event you pick the wrong person and they walk with it ... you happen to be screwed.

Who takes care of your email sending? - Again, find the wrong person plus they walk with it.

Would you your junk mail sending? - Traversing to a pattern here?

In general - the world of the Online Casino owner and even that of the Free Online Casino owner isn't as great as much think - but for anyone looking to take a crack at it - If only you the best of luck please remember - there exists a reason why numerous owners are bald by the time they're 40 so start looking for wigs now...