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Internet gambling is really a relatively new but rapidly developing niche. It should be one of the most profitable and toughest niches online, after adult stuff. And if you're looking at jumping into ecommerce you'd better come prepared since the competition is at cut-throat level and you will probably need every trick in the book to ensure success.

One of the first choices gambling business startups face in addition to getting a license is selecting a casino software provider for the website. It comes down even before every one of the licensing issues because so that you can apply for a license you should specify what software platform you will use to make certain it matches the requirements of the licensing jurisdiction you're applying to.

There are a number of two types of slot players offering casino and poker software. Many of them are quite expensive and wish high set-up fees and revenue share percentage. Other people are more competitive when it comes to pricing. When allocating your financial allowance for the software, keep in mind that you'll also have to have a considerable marketing budget, so don't spend all of your start-up capital about the software because having your website installed and operating is only half the battle. The real work starts when you're getting down to obtaining the players towards the site.

But we're diverting. What are the major items you should consider in choosing your casino software provider?


The same as gambling operators casino software providers their very own licensing system. Only work with companies that are licensed in white-list jurisdictions, by doing this it'll be much easier for you to get permission and you'll know you can trust these guys.

Payment options

Guarantee the software system makes it easier for the player to deposit the amount of money. The more payment options are supported the greater. Also, make sure there are no difficulties with the cash-out system, since your reputation as a business will virtually depend on it.

OS support

Ensure the software is suitable for the most popular os's Windows and Mac, and runs seamlessly for both.


While a robust and reliable back-end is a must, the games are simply as important. Games are what keeps the gamer coming back to your site. Modern graphics, realistic sounds, effects, themes - all these things contribute to a good gambling experience, but the most important element of the game is the mathematics. Casino games derive from a random number generator however, there is much more with it. The game should keep the player captivated, it should make each spin and every hand as exciting as you possibly can - which is what the algo mathematics is responsible for.

Once you have shortlisted numerous software providers, make sure to visit the casinos run by their software. Register for an account, play in the games, put on the shoes of a regular player and see if that's in which you would play. But tastes differ needless to say, so your own opinion just isn't enough. Read gambling forums and see what players say about the casinos powered by the software from each company on your own list, because it's all about the player.