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Craftleo is the platform for craft designs, fonts, and svg cut files. Bring your creative projects your with ready-to-use designs from artists all over the world. Our mission is always to help people lead creative lives through providing the best SVG cut files for smart cutting machines to create their DIY projects beautiful, fun, and simple. Each craft collection continues to be carefully curated by our experienced team of designers to ensure that our items are exactly what you will need. SVG bundles include design elements, monograms, quotes, clipart, and much more. We are excited about creating amazing designs and graphics which make our customers happy. We invite one to discover our assortment of selected SVG files that will assist you to create your own personal DIY projects. You’ll be very impressed at how many handmade crafts you can do!

Features: - Unlimited crafting. The right path. Beautiful ready-made craft designs & fonts in the world's best artists to your smart cutting machine. - Smart designs make crafting easy Take the project your in seconds with stunning designs, graphics, and fonts. - Craftleo Originals. Exclusive designs simply for you. Craftleo is the ideal place to find the latest exclusive designs from professional artists. New craft designs added weekly. - All craft designs. One place. Guide your crafting with curated design collections spotlighting the latest craft trends, holiday themes, and DIY project ideas. - Personal design library. DIY greatness. Collect, download and create amazing DIY projects using the largest library of professional craft designs on the web. - Perfect crafting. Each time. Start your DIY project with ready-made craft designs on your own Cricut, Silhouette, as well as other smart cutting machines.