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Access Recycling is really a leading scrap yard canberra company to heavy industry, mining, rail, agriculture as well as the general public throughout Australia. We have been family run for over 25 years and are dedicated to providing safe, reliable scrap metal recovery and recycling solutions and therefore are passionate about supporting the communities we service. All of us has a collaborative focus on work place safety and also the environment, with the health and safety of our own employees, suppliers, customers and our community the main thing on everything we do. Access Recycling processes over 100,000 tonnes of scrap metal annually. We have metal processing sites in Canberra and Barmedman and specialist project teams capable of delivering our services across Australia.

Our goal is zero harm. We attempt to deliver our projects promptly and on cost while taking all precautions necessary to maintain the safety of our employees, contractors, communities and also the environment. With systems, processes and specialised machinery developed and improved throughout our 25+ years of operation, Access Recycling has an extensive range of resource recovery and recycling services to follow maintainers and rolling stock owners Australia wide. Understanding that the removal and recycling of used rail, rolling stock and associated products presents many safety challenges, particularly if working on ‘live’ tracks, we frequently review boost our Health and Safety policies to make certain we exceed our client’s safety requirements Our Mining Services team possess the experience and qualifications to simplify recovery and recycling solutions for that mining industry, while minimising disruption with their ongoing operations. Acknowledging that agricultural businesses require minimal disruption for their operating environments, all of us has developed the abilities, experience and machinery required to recover resources inside a safe and efficient manner, while minimising the effect to the environment. Our number of heavy vehicles and mobile equipment provide a range of collection services to your suppliers and gives servicing options to best suit the requirements. For those clients that might rather deliver to us, our yards have calibrated weighbridges and scales to make sure accurate recording and grading of fabric. With competent staff, industry leading customer service and conveniently located processing yards, all of us stands ready to service our clients 5 ? days each week. Call Access Recycling Services on 1300 273 292 or visit for more information.