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And in addition, men tend to focus on the penis as his or her primary source of pleasure for all things sexual (which includes the side advantage of encouraging men to pay proper attention to their penis care, of course). But there are more areas that may factor into sexual pleasure, and the arena of sex toys will help a man explore and access these pleasure centers. Of special interest rates are the anal plug review, which will help a newcomer considering expanding his horizons try to investigate anal-based pleasure.

The anal plug

The majority of men are familiar with the term "anal plug," however they may not have actually seen one and may be confused about the difference between an anal plug and a dildo. That's natural, as both are sex toys which you can use for anal excitement.

An anal plug is usually smaller than a dildo and makes less of an attempt to mimic the physical appearance of a penis. Although some anal plugs are essentially an upright rod of uniform girth, most plugs are apt to have more of a shape. Typically, an anal plug will be fatter at the center and more slender towards the top and bottom. The underside will also have a wide, flared base. The base is to help make sure the plug does not get inserted completely into the anus, which may make removal difficult.

Anal plugs can be found in many different sizes and girths; most feature a curve and bend at the center.


Because an anal plug is often smaller than a dildo, oahu is the better of the sex toys for first exploring anal sex. A lot of men find the plug is ultimately preferable long term compared to the dildo therefore continue to use it as opposed to "moving on" to the larger toy. One other advantage would it be is much easier to use an anal plug under clothing, enabling some guy to use the anal plug while out and about or even while at work.

Most men that are just beginning to explore anal excitement should choose a small anal plug and obtain used to it before moving on to a larger model. It's also important to choose a plug which is very smooth, to prevent scraping the interior of the anus. Rubber, latex, vinyl and silicone are common materials used. Glass plugs should not be used.

Lubrication is certainly required. For silicone-based adult sex toys, use only water- or oil-based lubricant. For rubber or latex, use water- or silicone-based lubricant. Vinyl plugs could be slickened by water-, oil- or silicone-based lubes. If the plug is worn or used for an extended time frame, it should be re-lubricated periodically.

Prior to insertion, it's usually a good idea for a man to loosen himself up using his fingers. Utilize the same lubricant and so will be used.


Cleaning the anal plug is crucial. After rinsing in serious trouble, a good lathering of anti-bacterial soap needs to be applied and rinsed, again in warm water. Let the plug dry thoroughly in view air, then pack it away in the zip-lock container to keep bacteria from accumulating. Additionally it is often a wise decision to give a plug a simple rinse under domestic hot water before making use of it again.