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Moving in to a condominium can be a dream become a reality for many young professionals and families today. What many don't understand is that condo living is different in many aspects. Those familiar with living in single unit houses will certainly go through a phase of adjustment after transferring to their new homes. For buyers of Singapore condos, financial changes would be the most evident.

Families and folks who consider relocating to a condo will like the amenities for example swimming pool, gym, basketball court, or tennis court. Accessibility-wise, most Singapore condos are situated in locations near supermarkets, offices, schools, and hospitals.

Condos remain more affordable than townhouses or single unit homes and so they make a great investment. Some home buyers today purchase The Linq @ Beauty World and lease these phones BPO employees. Although decide to buy, there is still many who would rather rent.

Adjustment phase: Prepare to cover condominium and association fees

Many condos require payment per month of association fees, that go over repair and maintenance of common areas of the building. Home owners are only in charge of repairs and maintenance in their own units. In Singapore condos, most condominium associations reserve a fund for future expenses. General and exterior repairs will be the obligation from the condo association. The association dues collected from condo unit owners are employed to maintain the facilities and amenities provided by the real estate. These fees vary, but you are almost always much less cheap as homeowners would like them to become. For a growing family or perhaps for single tenants, the condo fees definitely require a toll on their budget.

Say goodbye to total silence and privacy

Singapore condo unit owners are partners along with the rest of the home people who just love the complex. In most cases there will be greater than four condo units in each floor, depending on the area of the complex. Literally, units are separated by walls. Lucky for those who live close to people who like serenity and peace, but living next to a family especially with children or close to a couple who perpetually argues can be bothersome.

Owners just have rights for the interior walls of their units. The remainder of the structure from the building and also the land is given to other condominium unit owners. Also, unlike townhouses which may have verandas, garages, or garden, condo living is fixed to the four spaces of your unit. Families with children will find that it is a challenge to maintain their young confined inside their Singapore condos. That's where the club amenities seem useful. There are numerous Singapore condos that offer excellent amenities apart from beautiful units. When choosing condos, look at the amenities agreed to compensate for the lack of personal space.

When it's time a condo unit owner decides to offer his unit, it could take longer than expected to resell it. Today, it's easier to obtain a property rather than resell it. Singapore condos relatively have higher market price due to the location; even the resale value remains competitive years following the purchase.

For first time home owners, condo living still remains a better option and many are willing to overlook the cons.