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There are countless forms of watches in the market today. While smartwatches are getting to be increasingly popular, so might be rugged watches which still hold an excellent spot as being the best for those invoved with physical workplaces, or for people with adventurous outdoor spirits. Catering to men and women alike, rugged watches really are a must-have in your watch collection if you don’t already own one!

Let’s explore what rugged watches are, their top features which differentiate them using their company types, as well as some of the best rugged watches brands available today.

What are rugged watches?

Rugged watchers make reference to a type of wristwatch which is super tough, extremely durable and very resistant. They’re unique from standard watches because they’re built to withstand wear and tear, as well as the natural elements and enormous amounts of force. There's a couple of key brands focusing on these types of watches, which we’ll explore further below.

They’re a go-to for those in the military, and for good reason! Being ultra-reliable while still comfortable and functional, rugged watches are a must-have for anyone who works or spends time outdoors in a physical environment. Even though you’re more of an indoors person but simply like the style, they’re ideal for you too!

Popular features of rugged watches

Just like almost any style, there’s a spectrum of rugged watches as well as their corresponding toughness. However, there are still many features in keeping across many of them, which we’ll share below.

All rugged watches are designed to handle extreme shocks and vibrations. There are many YouTube videos showing this in action, such as with massive hammers unsuccessfully attempting to smash them. While they are entertaining to view, they effectively prove exactly how strong these watches are.

It’s essential to have a scratchproof screen for your rugged watch, which means you don’t have to worry about surface damage even if you’re involved in rough physical work. Commonly a sapphire crystal outer covering is utilized because of its extreme toughness and potential to deal with scratches. The following best is mineral glass which can be mostly resistant to scratches, however, not immune to them.

Many rugged watches are also resistant to chemicals like bug sprays, as well as sweat. As a result them ideal to survive even the harshest environments. There’s little to no risk of them being damaged in toxic areas, or even if dropped in chemicals, which can be great for those working in industrial or potentially potent locations.

Additionally, being waterproof is really a must-have feature of rugged watches, particularly considering the fact that even the more standard styles are nowadays being made water-resistant as well. Some can simply survive being submerged countless metres below the water’s surface, which can be important for scuba diving and deep-sea expeditions.

Some bonus options that come with rugged watches include creating a luminous dial and hands, rendering it useful for keeping track of the time even if in darkness. Top models also have a variety of tactical functions for example GPS tracking, altimeters, barometers and lots more. They're particularly ideal for outdoor adventures, may it be on land, or in the sea or sky.

Basically, if you need a watch that will likely last the rest of your life, consider getting a rugged, tactical watch - they’re sure to impress!

Top rugged watch brands

There are some key brands which specialize primarily in rugged watches, with plenty research and innovation behind their exclusive designs. Other brands have particular series they release together with their standard business style watches. Listed below are 4 with the top rugged watch brands which are currently available today.

Casio’s G-Shock

Because the moment G-Shocks hit the market almost 30 years ago, they’ve proudly held their status among the toughest, most resistant watches available. Driven from the goal to create watches that don’t break, they behind G-Shock have expertly designed and constructed the generation of Casio watches. Having an impressive shock-resistant structure that's particularly loved by athletes, it’s not surprising G-Shock is one of the most favored rugged watches available! The MR-G models and GPR range are a few of their bestsellers.


Making use of their sea, land and air series, the Luminox watches are ultra-tough, military grade rugged watches. Recently they can released an Arctic range where they partnered using the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue to create super durable watches to survive the harshest climates. They’re also a favourite among U.S. Navy SEALs and Nighthawk stealth jet pilots! You can’t go wrong with this brand.


Victorinox is recognized for their manufacturing of Swiss Army knives, they also build a remarkable collection of rugged watches. Boasting the robustness and longevity of army knives in watch forms, their products are high quality. In fact, their I.N.O.X model is apparently the only Swiss watch to resist 130 extreme endurance homologation tests! This can be undoubtedly an excellent guarantee of its durability and toughness.


Invicta’s watches really are a testament to how rugged watches can continue to look sleek and female, while still being incredibly tough and robust. In particular, their Pro Diver range includes elegant, military-grade timepieces which are perfect for people who prefer the more classic, professional looks. Women around the globe are fans of such fantastic rugged watches.

Why you need a rugged watch in 2019

Are you currently a daring individual using a passion for hitting the skies with parachuting or skydiving? Or do you love to delve deep to the oceans with scuba diving or deep-sea journeys? Or maybe you’re a fan of treacherous explorations and challenging land-based adventures, battling harsh and extreme conditions?

Rugged watches are suitable for you.

Even if you just want a wrist watch that will stand the exam of time, be durable under testing circumstances, while being practical and comfy - rugged watches may be perfect for you too. They’re an undoubtedly worthwhile investment and so are perfect for any adventurous spirit.

Make 2019 the season you take your timepieces to another level.