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KFC has quickly closed its doors in Preston Docks and will continue to be closed down for some several weeks, said often the fast meals giant.
It stated it is popular drive-thru in Port Way is usually going through a good refurbishment all of which will stay closed for around a few weeks.

It has recently been closed down since Tuesday, April twenty seven and was expected to reopen on Thursday, November tough luck, but KFC said it turned out powerless for you to confirm the reopening date at this stage.

A MCDONALDS spokesman said: "Fear not Preston, our eating place is merely closed temporarily regarding a organized refurbishment, in addition to we’ll end up being reunited once more really rapidly. "
Metal security fencing has also been placed all-around the internet site together with work vans are already current over the weekend.

A few additional cladding has been recently taken out ahead of the particular planned revamp and the rooms has been stripped.

kfc 징거더블다운맥스 remain open as normal in Fishergate and Deepdale Retail Park.