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Choosing viviendas can be a daunting task. This can be a life altering decision since this will be your home for the following year (a minimum of) depending on the structure of one's lease agreement.

-How many bedrooms?

Typical apartment setups are listed below: studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms about three bedrooms. A studio apartment is but one large room where everything sits. Personally, I'm not really a fan of studio apartments because they lack the privacy of rooms and I personally like to compartmentalize things within their respective rooms. Single bedroom is perfect for a single 20 something yr old man or woman just starting out and they will have a reasonable rate per month for a 1 bedroom. 2 and three bedroom apartments seem to work well in excess of one person, typically families or friends who become roommates. More expensive, but with roommates this allows you to split the rent.

-What is included in the rent?

Some apartments offer different utilities inclued inside the rent. Several example utility offers might be free heat and domestic hot water, free electric and gas, etc. As most apartments offer this that types of inclusions are becoming quite commonplace, always ask or uncover what is included. The most common offering seems to be free heat and hot water and other utilities such as gas and electric are not included. This is reasonable and that i would recommend this situation.

-What is the parking situation?

If you own a car and drive regularly, this is a very important factor. Some apartments possess a parking lot where you stand assigned one automobile parking space. You will never need to be concerned with parking if this describes the case til you have guests. Guests will then be tied to parking on the street. Other apartments could have lots, but with first come first serve parking. Not just a big deal, unless there's limited space, whereby this can become a problem. Usually apartment buildings hold the necessary space so that it does not become a problem. Other apartments may have street parking. This has always been an issue of mine as street parking doesn't necessarily guarantee parking and also lends itself to the potential for car vandalism and theft.

-Is the apartment furnished?

Most apartments must be furnished by the tenant, however in those rare occasions, the apartment could be furnished using a couch, bed, chairs, etc. Depending on how you feel about using other people's stuff, a furnished apartment might work for you.


Is it near major highways? Have you got a supermarket close to you? Entertainment? It might be wise to navigate the region and see what is near there, that way you have a clear notion of how quickly you can obtain necessities.


That one is very difficult to determine before selecting an apartment and is usually discovered once you've already moved in. You can test to ask the owner about any noise issues, but most of the time they are going to say there is no noise even though there is. No one wants to live in a flat with lots of noise, so most of the time this will be a crapshoot.

Good luck with finding your brand-new apartment. Hopefully these pointers have given you some sort of indication in regards to what to expect when choosing your apartment.