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When most people think adventurous, they frequently start with anal play. And there is a lot being said for venturing into this nether region. This has been shown that the prostate may be additionally aroused by way of a little anal stimulation, heightening the male orgasm.

Understanding that sounds like fun doesn’t it? Below are a few things that will create that little bit of fullness and pressure that merely adds to the orgasm experience: anal beads, anal plugs, anal vibrators, and anal probes.

Anal beads certainly are a string of plastic beads that are in varying sizes. Practically they feel good planning, but they may be pulled out slowly during orgasm to get a hot new sensation. For anyone women that can never be full enough, anal plugs and probes can present you with that added feeling while you’re having vaginal sex. Or if perhaps you’re on your own, use one with a traditional vibrator-who wants a man? Just kidding guys.

A fresh twist around the old idea

But I’m not dismissing vibrators altogether. They too have been innovated generating into something which can help everyone out. First of all, for men, there are vibrating vaginas for those lonely nights once you don’t have a vagina to call your own. Or men can engage in a penis cup that stimulates just the tip of your penis. And for men that want to give their women something extra, you can a little prosthetic tip for your penis for that extra inch. Obviously, this also makes the head of your penis less sensitive, so that you can go for a lot longer.

But for the ladies, you have tons of clitoral stimulators to pick from. I personally like the ones that you can strap on. These can be used solo or with double penetration for doing things from all sides. Add an anal plug and my goodness! Additionally, there are stimulators called eggs that can be placed within the vaginal opening and controlled by remote. Your lover can surprise you from across a crowded room with a little ‘hello’ as the eggs spring alive. Mmmmm…

Without a hand

Other fun adult sex toys for use during intercourse or by yourself include a vibrator you could actually lay on and ride. It’s self-supported so you don’t have to hold it or do just about anything but enjoy. You will find dildos now that have two points for penetration. This means that one can enter in the vagina, even though the other can go into the anus-at the same time frame. For those that don’t want to mess around with multiple contraptions, this is one way to go. But for the slightly kinkier couple, a double penetration dildo might be just the thing. This is a dildo that will go in a vagina and her partner’s anus at the same time. Rocking and rolling required. There's also strap on dildos for your really adventurous couples that’s looking to switch up their roles somewhat. This computes well in a BDSM relationship where the woman may be the dominant partner. Nothing can beat switching up the roles when you're getting bored.

Fill ‘er up

Of course, there are also a range of inflatable toys which will make for a great sex. These include inflatable dildos and gags or perhaps full sized people if you want. These are great since they aren’t as hard as plastic or silicone like some toys. Although, the give an impression of plastic also does it for some folks.