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Talk about exposing your panties in public ! Well the vibrating panty has already established it's fair share of public scrutiny recently. It has played a main role within the recent battle with the sexes comedy "The Ugly Truth". The lead female character is wearing a pair of these panties in the restaurant once the remote control gets into the wrong hands. An inquisitive young boy finds the remote and proceeds to try out with the switches. This sends our female hero into throngs of uncontrollable pleasure much towards the bemusement of here fellow dinners as well as the amusement from the audience.

Vibrating panties also have featured on popular shows such as Oprah and Tyra. Among the giggles and wonderment, these shows have outlined how these undergarments work, so to speak, and some from the features to look for. This article will point out some of these features.

Vibrating panties are just like any other little bit of underwear. The only difference is that there is a small pouch or pocket in front of the garment. This can be designed to house a vibrating device. The vibrating device can be adjusted towards the individuals personal needs.

There's quite a variety of designs, and colours for these forms of underwear. For example, a thong design is quite popular and permits the wearer to dress in shear or tight clothing. There are also fun and flirty designs, like the tiger print panties. Wearing tiger print (or any pattern for example) can change the mood of the wearer or her partner.

Another consideration when getting panty vibe or not. Creating a remote is the greatest option since it gives the wearer more flexibility and may even be converted into a game together with your partner. So having a remote control it is possible to control if the panties will probably be activated without delving in your pants or skirt. So it could be ideal in the public place, like at the office or in a mall (was food shopping ever so much fun ?).

You can also hand it over to your partner and so they can decide when you should squirm and squeal. Again this might be done in the privacy of your home or in a public place, for instance a party. Playing such a game such as this at a party can strengthen or spice up your relationship as it is a secret that just the two of you share. And it is a very public type of your resolve for each other. Many of these remote devices can function at around 30 to 50 feet away so that your partner could even be a fair distance by you.