Ways to Change a Toilet: Do It Yourself Easy Steps Plumbing

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Wax ring that has a flange Wax ring that does not have a flange Teflon tape Hacksaw

Needed Abilities: Utilizing hand tools/lifting at the very least 20-25 lbs/ making some compression joints

Challenge Level: Moderate (You'll require to save at least a hr to complete this job).

See to it you acquire a toilet that fits the space. You should instead determine the existing space to ensure it'll fit flawlessly.

To do this, take the dimension of the distance between the toilet bolts on the flooring and also the wall surface behind.

In case your toilet is fitted with 2 sets of screws, take dimensions from the back set of screws. You'll get a range of around 10 to 12 inches for a typical toilet area.

Note whether the form of the toilet bowl is oval (long) or round. Oval toilet bowls are additionally referred to as elongated bowls.

They're a bit longer than rounded ones and also give greater convenience. An oval bowl may be bigger than the existing space if it's meant for a rounded bowl.

The best alternative is to acquire a substitute bowl of the same form as the existing one or call a neighborhood plumber for the best results.

Step 1:

First, remove the existing toilet. Prior to separating anything, make certain the water supply to the toilet is turned off at the stop valve.

Vacant the toilet by flushing it while holding the toilet handle for some time to guarantee it purges longer than normal. Use a sponge to empty any water left in the storage tank.

Next, begin unthreading the toilet coupling nut. This is the nut attaching the toilet tank with its water supply.

Step 2:

Use a set of pliers or box wrench to hold each toilet container screw. You can stabilize each bolt utilizing a slotted screwdriver while removing them.

In case the nuts feel stuck, apply some penetrating oil on them. Permit the oil to sit before attempting to unthread them.

You can cut them off utilizing a hacksaw if the nuts are still stuck. Remove the old container and discard it.

Step 3:

Now, unthread the nuts holding the toilet bowl on the floor. Beginning with prying off any kind of bolt covers using a screwdriver.

Use a channel-type of pliers or securing pliers or socket wrench to loosen each nut on the toilet tank screws. Use some penetrating oil on them as well as permit them to sit prior to trying to unthread them if the nuts really feel stuck.

Cut them off utilizing a hacksaw if you're still incapable to unthread them. Tilt the bowl as well as detach it.

Extra Tip:.

It can be fairly unpleasant to remove old wax rings. It's in fact one of the most awful jobs in plumbing. In this instance, you'll need to utilize a putty blade to remove the wax ring.

Place the putty knife below the wax ring flange and also scrape it. In many cases, the ring will certainly separate in chunks. Keep in mind to throw out every piece as soon as it comes off because they easily stick on anything.

This may be difficult to do, thus be Faulty Shower Faucet? A Guide for Troubleshooting and also Fixing patient when doing it or have aid.