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This alone is enough to make people browse through the local Singapore listings to check out sales. Before venturing out to close sales and make a final purchase, ensure that the place is an ideal fit to prevent buyer's remorse.

-Review the guidelines

Every building includes its own set of rules. Some building owners or homeowner's associations may allow visitors to paint the lounge dark red, yet others may only allow white or any other neutral colors. Other rules to think about before stepping into a building include:

Whether pets are permitted Policies on smoking Alterations to the appearance with the condo Whether blinds or curtains are permitted How much an owner can customize the interior and exterior of the property Who manages the yard work, including snow removal

-Consider storage needs

If storage is essential, take a minute to check out closets and pantry space. If someone has a lot of clothes, they should consider how many dressers they'll need, just how much closet space they'll have, and so on.

Persons that want a lot of space for storage may end up feeling cramped should they move from a residence in Singapore with a smaller place. Most real estate agents and building owners are packed with tips and concepts when they have a place in the sales section, and they may be able to help figure out a way to own the house without having to remove everything in storage.

-Who covers repairs

Running a Penrose Showflat seems to be a great idea, however it can end up costing owners a whole lot if they do not know how much of repairs they must cover before they seal the deal. If the building needs a new roof, your building owner may cover the expense, home insurance may get it if it is as a result of storm, or all the owners may need to pitch in to pay it. Sometimes, a structure owner will impose certain restrictions on keepers to help cover the fee.

It's important to inquire about this when viewing condo sales.


If the Singapore market is great, or someone desires to hurry up and sell, they will have sales, just like furniture stores have sales. This may include a discount about the deposit, upgraded appliances at a cheaper cost etc. Either way, saving a little money is always a good idea.

-Wear and tear

Doing a walk through is something that must be done, and potential owners need to keep an eye out for damage throughout the place. Open the doors about the appliances to ensure that there are no problems, the lights come on, etc.

Potential owners should also look at the corners of rooms for scuffs, keep your condition with the floor in your mind and any other common repairs that owners must make.

Buying a new home is an exciting time, be it a condominium or a single house. First time owners can get caught up in the excitement or in the truth that they can spend less and forget to check for these significant things. Years later, they may also end up having to pay 1000s of dollars to contribute a new roof unexpectedly.

Prevent buyer's remorse by continuing to keep these things in mind before an investment.