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If you are interested in learning where to get fake money for your child, you are likely trying to teach them to produce change, distinguish between denominations, and improve their overall math skills. Fake currency can be had from a variety of sources, nevertheless the following choices are the best I have come across. You might have other ideas about where you might get fake money for youngsters; these are just my favorite options.

The Internet - Looking on Google for "fake money for the child" will turn up a number of sites that allow play money to become printed out immediately. These sites offer currency in a wide array of denominations, and many also include lessons and concepts for teaching the kids how to spend responsibly.

Major Retail Chains - Look into the toy part of stores like Wal-Mart and Target, and you're simply sure to find many play currency. Some might look similar to the real thing, while others will be more of a novelty item.

Your Local Grocery Store - Even though you shop at an area grocery store to avoid long lines in the bigger chains, you may still locate play money for your children. Most of these stores have a section dedicated to toys, and it is not unusual to locate fake cash stocked there.

Games - Numerous board games feature play money, most abundant in famous example being Monopoly. Furthermore, there are a number of games on the market that specialize in helping children learn to count currency. While browsing through Amazon, Furthermore, i discovered items for example toy ATM machines and a bank playset.

Teacher Supply Store - Elementary teachers include lessons about money, as well as any teacher supply store will carry oversized examples of cash and coins on sturdy cardboard paper. This method will be more expensive than buying it from a toy department, but it'll also be more durable.

Make Your Own Money - By incorporating scissors, crayons, and construction paper, you and your child can produce play currency in no time. It's a fun way to spend time with your kid, and yes it can lead to a far more in-depth discussion of methods money works.

The very next time you're trying to find where to get fake money for you child, supply the above options an attempt. Not only will you have adequate funds to start a pretend bank, but your child can also get an engaging teaching tool to allow them to learn about management of your capital and the economy.