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While you were hanging out the hookah by incorporating of your buddys and a drop of vino, it hit you. "Why don't I sell hookahs?" It's happened to many hookah smokers and a few even act on the idea. Could it be a good one?

The reply is an emphatic, YES! Hookahs are a growing market. In just one year, the amount of search inquiries for your term "hookah" has tripled. That will only mean one thing, the market is increasing.

The next step within your quest for running a hookah clients are figuring out what type of hookah business you will have. Perhaps you should open a restaurant, a shop within the mall, or perhaps an online store. Maybe even an eBay store. I suppose now you are stuck with the task of purchasing a hookah from a solid wholesaler.

Wholesale hookah purchasing could be very an obstacle unless you work with the right partner. Looking for hookah wholesalers can lead to web sites who promise "wholesale to the public" which can be little more than retail hookahs in a less than noticeable reduced price. If you have made a decision to run an online store, drop-shipping will certainly represent interest to you.

If you ask a wholesaler to drop ship, you might be faced with little enthusiasm on their own part. This really is understandable as wholesalers makes their money by buying and selling in bulk. Other hookah wholesalers notice a little differently. By aiding you with shipping in your businesses' beginning, some wholesale hookah dealers will aspire to keep your account whenever you strike the big time. Don't be surprised if a company really wants to charge 3 to 5 dollars something to drop ship. While you probably shouldn't pay in addition to that, it is really worth a maximum of eight dollars.

Hookah wholesalers can include added benefits to the additional charges for drop shipping. These benefits can include branded literature, manuals, or perhaps your business card upon your giving them. However, the unfortunate the fact is that most wholesalers will not be interested in watching such details.

Drop shipping hookah wholesalers are few and far between but be confident, they do exist. When working with one, ensure that you have a private label guarantee. This is really important. Basically, a personal label guarantee signifies that your hookah wholesaler won't include literature or contact information (either inside or outside of the package) that could lead your clients to your source. The exception is surely an address of package origin since many package carriers need the physical address being displayed.

Lacking a private label guarantee will only lead to inevitable awkward conversations along with your customers as they wonder why your website on the box isn't web site they ordered from.

Everything aside, when selling online you need to know that you are still "selling". That means taxes. Be certain that you're inline with your local department of revenue and department of business regulations. Most states will demand that you conserve a retail tobacco permit to offer on the internet. This can usually be acquired by paying a license fee less than two hundred dollars. Some states may well not require a tobacco permit if you are only selling hookah and a clean criminal history is always helpful. You will need to check your local laws since they may periodically change and many types of state regulations are very different.

Retailing hookahs can be a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding as you become to talk about hookahs with fellow hookah smokers all around the globe in your daily business. Having a solid hookah wholesaler will insure that you simply customers stay happy and stay along with your company.